Thursday Poem: Silence by Jared Singer

Jared Singer via omarsakr

Scratch That

Let me tell you something about honesty: it is a fickle flame, as liable to burn you as anyone else. Despite that, I, like Jared Singer, pride myself on my honesty, but the truth is that even this ideal is tempered with deception. Take my bisexuality for example. I am honest about it when asked, but I do not broadcast it, and when family members ask, ‘are you gay?’, I’ll answer honestly and say no, but I won’t offer any more information than that. I obfuscate. I hate lies, and I do my absolute best to avoid uttering them, but that in no way means I am truthful.

We play these games with ourselves, our friends and family, the world. How far can I hedge? How much of this light can I show them, and when I show them, can I do so in a way that arranges the shadows to support…

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