What is Metaphysics? (TTT)

Kamala Thompson


Throwback Theory  Thursday

Metaphysics diverges from a division of philosophy concentrated on our natural world and descriptions of an Ultimate Reality that generates our world of appearances. In essence, metaphysics answers the questions associated with the study of existence. It encompasses everything that exists, differentiating between what in the world is real and what is merely an illusion. Metaphysics exists because our minds make use of images to grasp the ultimate reality of things. Through metaphysics, interpreters make sense of the world around us. Logic and reasoning can sometimes be plaguing, nonetheless we know infinity exist in mathematics. Therefore, metaphysical ideas of God, soul, immortality, Freedom, Supernatural, and the like, are not logically impossible, but there are no conclusive proofs neither.

1.What is ultimately there?

2. What is it like?

In short, all different styles and methods of metaphysics set out to investigate the nature…

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